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One World Trade’s spire lit red, white, and blue after subway explosion

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the building’s spire to be illuminated red, white, and blue

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Following the attempted terror attack that unfolded on Monday morning at Port Authority, where a 27-year-old suspect detonated a pipe bomb, Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the lights of One World Trade Center’s spire to be lit red, white, and blue this evening.

“I am deeply grateful to the first responders and security personnel who kept people safe after today's attack and brought the suspect into custody,” said Cuomo in a press statement. “Despite this morning's terrible incident, New Yorkers went about their lives unafraid, undeterred and more united than ever before. We will not allow this to disrupt us. That's who we are as New Yorkers, and that's what makes New York New York.”

The suspect launched the attack around 7:20 a.m., however, the explosive did not fully detonate and luckily, only minor injuries were reported, with three people being treated for ringing in the ears and headaches. The only serious injury was that of the suspect who suffered burns to his hands and abdomen area.

“Tonight, I am directing the World Trade Center spire to be lit in red, white and blue as a symbol of our essential values of freedom and democracy, a bright spire showing the world that those core principles will always shine brightly in New York.”

One World Trade Center

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