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Morris Adjmi's neo-Gothic Nomad condo is halfway to the top

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The building will eventually stand 40-stories tall and bring 42 new apartments to the neighborhood

Via Field Condition

A little over two years after work got underway on Morris Adjmi’s neo-Gothic Nomad condo, the building is now halfway to the top, new construction site photos by Field Condition reveal.

Located at 30 East 31st Street, the building will eventually stand 40-stories tall, and bring 42 new apartments to the neighborhood. The project came about after the developers, Ekstein Development Group and Pinnacle Real Estate, purchased the parish house of the Madison Avenue Baptist Church in 2013, and demolished the building in 2015.

Sales on the condo got underway at the end of October this year with apartments asking from $1.65 million. The building’s penthouse will ask $12 million. Residents here will have access to amenities like a private dining room, a fitness center, and a residents lounge with a limestone fireplace, among other features.

Adjmi was inspired by the neighborhood’s neo-Gothic and Art Deco architecture while designing the condo. The facade will be notable for its fluted terra cotta piers and brass-framed windows, according to Field Condition. Construction is expected to wrap sometime in 2019.