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Whole Foods will debut its affordable offshoot in Fort Greene next month

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This will be Whole Foods Market 365’s first East Coast location

300 Ashland Enrique Norten Courtesy Two Trees Management

Whole Foods’ slightly affordable chain of grocery stores, Whole Foods Market 365, will debut its first East Coast location on January 31, 2018 the company announced on Wednesday.

In January this year we learned that the store would open at the base of Two Trees Management’s 300 Ashland, in Fort Greene, and now Whole Foods is offering up more details on the shop.

The store will measure 40,000 square feet and will be Whole Foods Market 365’s seventh location nationwide. The store will also feature a coffee bar and bakery by Orwashers, a burger joint by Next Level Burger, and a juice bar by Juice Press.

“We are thrilled to open the very first East Coast Whole Foods Market 365 in the heart of Fort Greene, Brooklyn,” said Jeff Turnas, president of Whole Foods Market 365. “Whole Foods Market 365 will provide a fantastic combination of convenience, quality and value to families, students and commuters alike.”

The news of Whole Foods’ opening date follows the recent opening of Apple’s second Brooklyn store, also at the base of 300 Ashland. This base will also house a dance studio, a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, a BAM theater, and the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.