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SHoP Architects to design a 10-story, mixed-use Midwood building

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It will hold offices and a medical treatment center

Via Google Maps

The architects responsible for Brooklyn's first supertall skyscraper is heading south—to Midwood—to design a markedly different type of project. New York YIMBY reports that SHoP Architects has submitted applications to build a 10-story mixed-use structure at 1508 Coney Island Avenue, a major commercial thoroughfare of the neighborhood.

Plans for the massive vacant lot have been up in the air since 2004. Architect Colin Carpenter first filed plans then for a new building that would be nearly identical to the one put forth by SHoP. Both plans propose commercial and community facility space, but as YIMBY points out, Carpenter’s plans didn't specify the function of the community facility. SHoP’s application reveals it will be a medical treatment center.

The final product will hold 180,270 total square feet, with 63,340 square feet dedicated to commercial office use, and 84,000 square feet for the medical facility. There will be a lobby in the cellar, plus a first-floor lobby that will include a two-story atrium. The entire fourth floor will be designed as a lounge. Finally, a below-ground parking garage will accommodate 267 vehicles.

Beyond that, details on the actual design or construction timeline are non-existent. It'll be interesting to see what SHoP comes up for this otherwise sleepy, residential locale. The site is eight blocks away from the Avenue M subway station, serviced by the Q. And as YIMBY notes, it is nowhere near the Coney Island Boardwalk, which is over four miles away.