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Amtrak’s new app makes it easier to navigate through Penn Station

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It’s about time

Even for the most veteran traveler, New York City’s Penn Station can be a confusing place to navigate. Finding your way through the maze of tunnels to the various transit ways isn’t the most intuitive and its less-than-pretty decor only adds to the stress of it all. But help is here: Amtrak has released an app called FindYourWay that does exactly what the name implies— guide you through Penn Station. Pair this with our ultimate guide of Penn Station and should be in much better shape the next time you find yourself lost in the transit hub.

The app was designed through a partnership between connection platform Zyter and Amtrak and functions only from within Penn Station. Roughly 400 beacons have been installed throughout the station that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to sense the proximity between user and point of interest, reports Untapped Cities. FindYourWay can provide turn-by-turn directions, give updates and train status, and point to your gate or even an ATM machine or a restaurant.

Google Play.

“FindYourWay is more than just an interactive platform; it can also help prevent overcrowding in the station, delivering a measure of customer safety that other communication products and forms of travel cannot provide,” said Amtrak’s Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner.

FindYourWay is available for free download on both Google Play and the iTunes App store.