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At 432 Park Avenue, two $41M penthouses on the 94th floor hit the market

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A $500,000 price difference is the biggest distinction between the two apartments

Two expansive penthouses near the pinnacle of the Rafael Viñoly’s 432 Park Avenue supertall have hit the market for a combined total of $81.5 million. The units are both located on the 94th floor of the 96-story building and each offer three bedrooms with 3.5 bathrooms.

There aren’t a ton of differences between the two apartments, aside from price and square footage. Penthouse A spans 3,952 feet and is looking to unload for an even $41 million while penthouse B encompasses 3,977 square feet and is asking $40.5 million. If you’re wondering why the smaller apartment has a bigger asking price, we suspect it could boil down to the views and it looks like penthouse A may boast a better view of Central Park.

As for the details, both apartments feature 12-foot high ceilings, windowed eat-in kitchens with lacquered built-in appliances, marble-bedecked bathrooms, and sweeping views of the city’s skyline. One advantage that penthouse B has over its counterpart is that its library is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace.

So here is a look at penthouse A:

Douglas Elliman.

And here is penthouse B:

Douglas Elliman

Which one would you spend $41 million on? Let us know in the comments below.

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