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NYC's enhanced interactive landmarks map is a deep dive into city's historic districts

Learn about the nearly 34,000 buildings in NYC’s 141 historic districts

It just got a lot easier to learn about NYC’s landmarks and historic districts. The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission has put out an enhanced version of its interactive landmarks map, that was first unveiled in the spring of 2016.

This enhanced Discover NYC Landmarks map offers up detailed information on nearly 34,000 buildings that are located within the city’s 141 historic districts. This new data adds to the map’s existing information on NYC’s individual landmarks (more than 1,400).

“The launch of the enhanced web map will not only allow for a greater appreciation and understanding of our city’s rich architectural and cultural heritage, but it also brings greater transparency, efficiency, and public access to the agency,” LPC chair Meenakshi Srinivasan, said in a statement. “This information is invaluable to all stakeholders, including homeowners who want to know more about their buildings, community groups, preservation advocates, historians, academics, and anyone who walks through New York City’s neighborhoods and marvels at our buildings.”

Via Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The new tools added into this enhanced map allow users access to different filters like architectural styles, the type of building, and what era it was built in. For example, this new map would allow you to find all the Queen Anne style row houses within the Bedford Historic District.

This latest effort is part of the LPC’s mission to make its workings more transparent to the public. Over the past three years, the Commission has worked to make its application process easier, launched more online tools for research, and started making presentation materials publicly available online, prior to weekly meetings.