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New looks at the Upper West Side's incoming 668-foot skyscraper

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When complete, this building will stand 55-stories tall and bring 112 condos to the neighborhood

A digital rendering of a stone and glass tower in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. © Elkus Manfredi Architects/Seventh Art

Developers behind Upper West Side’s soon-to-be-tallest tower, located at 200 Amsterdam Avenue, have released new renderings for their 55-story skyscraper. YIMBY first published these renderings, which show off the building’s crown, it’s base fronting on Amsterdam Avenue, and more of its facade.

The project has faced stiff opposition from Upper West Siders right from the start. In May, a neighborhood group filed a zoning challenge with the city’s Department of Buildings over what they believed was an improper use of the existing zoning laws on part of the developer.

The DOB decided to examine that issue further, and as a result construction came to somewhat of a halt in July. Construction was allowed to progress at full swing in September, when the DOB green lit the project once again, much to the disappointment of local residents and elected officials.

The old Lincoln Square Synagogue-replacing condo is being developed by SJP Properties. Elkus Manfredi is working on the exteriors, and CetraRuddy on the interiors.

© Elkus Manfredi Architects/Seventh Art

A few blocks south of 200 Amsterdam Avenue, a project developed by Extell is looking to usurp the title of Upper West Side’s tallest tower, and much like this development, Extell’s tower is also facing mounting opposition. Plans for that condo have yet to be officially filed, meanwhile work on 200 Amsterdam Avenue is moving forward, and is expected to wrap in 2020.

© Elkus Manfredi Architects/Seventh Art