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Steiner adds to its Brooklyn Navy Yard empire with new nine-story building

The building will rise at 399 Sands Street, next to the incoming Wegmans

Steiner NYC

Steiner NYC continues to expand its Brooklyn Navy Yard empire, and this week the developer filed plans for a new nine-story building at 399 Sands Street. YIMBY first reported on this new addition to Steiner’s Brooklyn Navy Yard Campus, which totals about 15 acres.

The announcement of the building at 399 Sands Street is accompanied by a new rendering, which shows off more of Steiner’s Admirals Row development, and the new Wegmans, that will be located right next to the Sands Street development.

At 399 Sands Street, Steiner NYC will offer up space for parking on the first four floors, the next four floors will have light manufacturing, and the top floor will have creative office space.

At present, the site is being used by the NYPD as a tow pound facility, and part of the site will continue to be used that way while construction makes progress. Steiner hasn’t yet announced a completion date for the building.