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Curbed Cup Elite Eight results: Astoria topples Hudson Yards!

The Final Four will pit established neighborhoods versus underdogs

Kevin Whipple

The Elite Eight round of the Curbed Cup is behind us, and it ended with an upset: Once again, Hudson Yards was knocked out of contention by a scrappy upstart. (Okay, Astoria isn’t exactly an upstart, but it’s no billion-dollar megaproject.)

Maybe the time just isn’t right for Hudson Yards; as one Curbed staffer noted, picking between the still-under-construction neighborhood or the already-established one is always a challenge. (So maybe it’ll be Hudson Yards’s year in … 2019? We’ll see.)

Another upset: Greenpoint took out Downtown Brooklyn, though it was an incredibly close race—only 10 votes separated the two neighborhoods.

On the other side of the bracket, two established Manhattan neighborhoods—the Lower East Side and Yorkville—advanced, setting us up for a final showdown between Manhattan and one of the outer boroughs.

But before we get there, we have to get through the Final Four—check out the bracket below, and come back next week for more rounds of voting.