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Greta Garbo’s colorful Midtown co-op sold for well over its asking price

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It fetched a cool $8.5 million, or 43 percent over asking


Chalk this one up to the perks of being one of the most iconic—and mysterious—actresses of all time: According to the Wall Street Journal, old Hollywood star Greta Garbo’s longtime New York City apartment sold for $8.5 million—a solid $2.5 million (or 43 percent) over its original asking price.

According to Woody Kerr, one of the Halstead brokers who clinched the sale, the fact that it was Garbo’s pad made the place all the more attractive to buyers—her imprimatur “helped attract multiple offers and drove up the price,” per the WSJ. The three-bedroom co-op hit the market in March, and was off by April.

Garbo’s great nephew, Craig Reisfeld, spoke with the WSJ, telling the paper that the buyers—who snapped the home up after little more than a month on the market—will be “great stewards” for the place, and have “a reverence for my great aunt.”


The good news: that means they won’t gut the apartment, which is notable for Garbo’s involvement in every aspect of its design. She chose the pink and green color scheme, which is largely intact to this day; many of her decorative touches (including salmon-colored Fortuny silk lining the bedroom walls) are still in place.

In addition to all of that, the 2,855-square-foot pad had three bathrooms, a home office, and stunning views of the East River. It’s located in the überexclusive Campanile co-op on East 52nd Street, notable for its celebrity pedigree—English actor Rex Harrison and members of the bajillionaire Heinz and Rothschild clans have called it home—and the fact that it caters to the very wealthy. (All-cash transactions are the name of the game for those looking to buy there.)