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Curbed Cup Final Four: (10) Astoria vs. (11) Greenpoint

Which outer borough neighborhood should advance to the finals?

Max Touhey

The Curbed Cup, our annual award for the neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 16 neighborhoods vying for the prestigious (fake) trophy. We’ll reveal each of the neighborhoods this week, and polls will be open for 24 hours so you can cast your vote as to which ones should advance. Let the eliminations commence!

(10) Astoria

The next match-up in the Final Four is between two outer borough neighborhoods, beginning with perennially popular Astoria, in Queens. It’s managed to kick more development-heavy areas (i.e. Hudson Yards) out of the Curbed Cup, which could be due to Astoria’s place as an already established—and beloved—neighborhood, with plenty of things to do.

But it’s also sprouting some major new developments, including the Hallets Point megaproject, which finally got underway this year. Astoria has now also become more connected thanks to the city’s hugely popular ferry service opening up a new route to the neighborhood in August this year. All these developments will dramatically transform the neighborhood in the coming years.

(11) Greenpoint

It’s a similar story in Greenpoint, which isn’t exactly up-and-coming—plenty of attention has been paid to the North Brooklyn enclave in recent years—but has gotten renewed attention this year, particularly with the L train shutdown looming over nearby Williamsburg and Bushwick.

The sleepy neighborhood is getting its first batch of skyscrapers: Its tallest tower, The Greenpoint, made significant progress; Halcyon Management recently announced a three-building waterfront development; and the first market-rate rental at Greenpoint Landing topped out. And here were other investments in needed neighborhood amenities: Mayor Bill de Blasio revived a proposal to transform the abandoned Greenpoint Hospital complex into affordable housing, and an eco-friendly revamp and expansion of the neighborhood’s library is currently underway.

Now, the choice is up to you: Which neighborhood should advance to the Curbed Cup Finals? Cast your vote now!