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Curbed Cup Finals! (4) Yorkville vs. (10) Astoria

The final matchup pits Manhattan against Queens

Kevin Whipple

This is it, everyone: We’ve come to the finals of the 2017 Curbed Cup, and it’s a battle between Manhattan and Queens. The two neighborhoods that will face off are Yorkville and Astoria.

And there was a stunning upset to get here: The No. 1 seed, the Lower East Side, was taken out of contention by Yorkville—and it wasn’t exactly a close race, either. The opening of the Second Avenue subway was clearly a game-changing event that voters noticed in 2017.

On the other side of the bracket, there were two outer-borough contenders: Astoria and Greenpoint. Both neighborhoods are worthy of the winning title, but ultimately, readers chose Astoria—which has been getting an influx of new development, along with a new link to the rest of the city via NYC Ferry—to advance to the finals.

Without any further adieu, here’s the Curbed Cup bracket as it stands right now:

And now, the choice is up to you: Should the Curbed Cup go to Yorkville or Astoria? Will Manhattan or Queens take it all?? Cast your vote below—polls will be open until January 2, and no ballot stuffing, please. May the best neighborhood win!