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5 NYC homes for sale with gorgeous, cozy fireplaces

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Imagine coming home to a roaring fire

It’s cold in New York this week—like, really cold. Like, take a cab to your destination that’s a five-minute walk from your apartment cold. We’re talking you go outside for ten minutes and are convinced that you have frostbite cold. (And if you’re smart, you won’t be joining the hordes in Times Square on Sunday night for the New Year’s Eve ball drop.)

Aside from wearing three blankets and a poncho, and drinking cup after cup of tea (or hot toddies; we’re not judging), what can we do to get through this? Looking at pictures of beautiful fireplaces may not make you warmer, but it’ll give you that hygge feeling that’s all the rage these days. So take a peek at five New York homes for sale, all of which have lovely fireplaces—some old, some new, and all extremely cozy.

↑ Imagine having not just one fireplace, but a whopping 13 wood-burning fireplaces. That’s exactly what you’ll find at this Park Slope townhouse, which recently got another price chop—once asking $15 million, it’s now going for just under $9 million. That’s obviously a lot of cash, but again: 13 fireplaces! Including one in the bathroom!

↑ This renovated Upper East Side townhouse comes with two wood-burning fireplaces, including one on the parlor level that looks like an excellent place to curl up with a good book. It’s on the market for $6.5 million.

↑ On the less pricey side of things, a one-bedroom co-op in Cobble Hill comes with its own wood-burning fireplace, encased in an exposed brick mantle, for $715,000. It’s not as fancy as the two previous places, but the hearth’s rustic charm is undeniable.

↑ A bright, cozy West Village co-op comes with an equally cozy wood-burning fireplace, with enough space on the mantle to make it both decorative and functional. It’s going for $699,000, and is located on West 12th Street between Greenwich and Washington streets.

↑ And finally, on the Upper West Side, a one-bedroom co-op with a positively gorgeous wood-burning fireplace is going for just $489,000. It’s not a huge apartment, but the fireplace alone is a big selling point; it’s surrounded by original wood molding, and quite the looker.