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Inside Jenna Lyons’s eclectic Soho loft

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The former creative director of J. Crew opened up her space to T Magazine

Simon Watson for T Magazine

Jenna Lyons, the former creative director of J. Crew, is no stranger to stunning New York City homes; her former Park Slope townhouse was a shelter mag favorite, having appeared on the cover of Domino in 2008 and inspiring countless imitators (and thousands of Pinterest posts) ever since.

But she sold the place back in 2012 and decamped to a Soho loft, and now, that space has also gotten the glossy mag treatment. Lyons let T Magazine inside for a tour of the home, which she says was designed around one prevailing thought: “the real goal was having it look like something you’ve never seen before,” she told the magazine.

She had plenty of space to work with: the loft, located in one of Soho’s myriad cast-iron buildings, measures 3,500 square feet. Lyons worked with design firm Meyer Davis (and specifically, co-founder Gray Davis) to envision a home that was truly hers.

Simon Watson for T Magazine

The best word to describe the place is probably eclectic; there’s no one prevailing style, though as T notes, Lyons’s “signature playfulness” is on display throughout. There are also several showstoppers in the place, including a Venini chandelier in the kitchen (though it’s “an unbelievable pain to change a light bulb,” she notes), and her enormous walk-in closet, organized by color and home to about 300 pairs of shoes.

Of course, there are elements here that will surely inspire shelter mag devotees—for anyone wondering, she used Farrow & Ball Card Room Green to achieve the rich look seen in the hallway—but it’s unlikely that there’ll be too many copycats of the space this time around.

T Magazine also did a video tour of the home, if you want the full 360-degree experience: