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Chic Williamsburg loft in a 148-year-old converted church asks $6,700/month

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The church windows are the selling point

A rustic-chic two-bedroom rental at Williamsburg’s Spire Lofts is up for grabs, at the slightly-discounted price of $6,708/month, down from $7,790/month in October of this year. And while that is not a bargain (conventionally defined), it is pretty cool space.

Until it was converted into lofts in 2014, the building was home of the former St. Vincent De Paul Church, and while it’s been “masterfully” restored, it still retains much of its original charm, with exposed brick, custom steel work, arched stained glass windows, and ceilings soaring up to 20 feet—at least, in some apartments.

This specific listing is a little light on the particulars, though the brokerbabble does promise that this is “where contemporary brilliance meets ancient European charm.” In more practical terms, that means each building’s loft duplexes boasts a reclaimed wooden staircase leading up to a mezzanine, sliding wooden doors, catwalks made of distressed cast iron, and en-suite bathrooms. And based on the picture, the staircase does look very appealing (catwalk and bathrooms unpictured).

There’s no floorplan, but the custom designed kitchen is described as “open,” with Caesarstone counters, “impeccable” penny-tiled marble backsplashes, fancy appliances, and a washer/dryer, while the bathrooms come with “reclaimed brick walls, pressed tin ceilings, steam showers, and custom built vanities with imported stone.” The two bedrooms, presumably, also exist somewhere.

What is pictured—and the apartment’s clear selling point—are the oversized, arched church windows, as well as the oversized, regular-looking windows, which offer both character and light.