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Live in the turrets of a Central Park West castle for $6M

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Each turret is 37 feet wide

A first-floor apartment that occupies two turrets of 455 Central Park West has hit the market for $5,999,999. (It was once asking close to $9 million.)

That particular building, located between 105th and 106th streets, is probably the closest thing the city has to an actual castle—though the history of the building, originally the New York Cancer Hospital, is pretty grim. Back in the late 1800s, the turrets were used as patient wards "because it was believed that germs thrived in corners." Because cancer research was in its infancy, the hospital got the unfortunate reputation as a death trap.

Today, however, the massive (37 feet wide!) turrets make for quite unique apartments.—including this one, which has an open, circular living and dining room with direct views of Central Park.

One of the coolest perks that comes with the ground-floor space is the courtyard off the library. There are three entrances out onto the courtyard, from the library, living room, and master bedroom.

The master bedroom is located in the second turret and essentially split in half—one side holds the bed, while the other side is lined with walk-in closets, dressing rooms, and the master bath.

There are two more (regularly shaped) bedrooms right off the master, and four bathrooms total. Finishes throughout the apartment include oak ebonized floors, a custom-designed marble wood-burning fireplace, and a full-size laundry room.

When the hospital was developed into a condo, it got a 26-story high-rise tower on site. There are only 17 apartments located within the landmarked former hospital, and thus apartments within the turrets are particularly special.

455 Central Park West

455 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025