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Paul Manafort’s Carroll Gardens townhouse slapped with a stop-work order

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Inspectors found that work had been done without approval or proper permits


The city’s Department of Buildings has issued a stop-work order on the Carroll Gardens townhouse owned by former Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort. The New York Daily News reports that the order was issued after 311 received complaints that the proper permits were not posted on the property, located at 377 Union Street.

After city inspectors responded to the complaint, they found that contractors had installed a sprinkler system without the proper permits and that current work hadn’t been approved, either. A full stop-work order along with two violations were issued; however, neighbors claim that contractors have been carrying on with business as usual.

A local resident told Pardon Me for Asking, who first reported the news, that construction workers have been working at night. “The Sheriff drove up and they shut lights off. Sheriff drove away, they resumed work,” said the resident. “Lights on at night for weeks. Sadly, this charade goes on every weekend. And at night.”

The Brooklyn townhouse is one of several New York City properties owned by Manafort and figures in the indictment issued against him for multiple charges, including money laundering. Last month, it was rumored that two brokers from Corcoran had been tapped to market the property and were prepping to list the home for as much as $9 million.