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New renderings may offer a peek inside Extell’s Central Park Tower

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What will eventually be NYC’s tallest residential tower is still in the works

Extell has been staying predictably tight-lipped when it comes to news about Central Park Tower, the firm’s supertall-to-be that’s rising at 217 West 57th Street. But the sleuths at YIMBY have uncovered what they say are interior renderings of the building, which is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

The renderings don’t show much—a living room, the tower’s Central Park views, and what appears to be a very posh designer dog—and it’s worth noting that Extell has neither confirmed nor denied their validity. There’s also a new image of the building within the context of Billionaires’ Row, though other buildings on the rise, such as SHoP’s skinny supertall, are missing from that perspective.

Construction on the 1,550-foot skyscraper is well underway, and YIMBY notes that it’s about halfway toward its pinnacle. When the building is eventually completed, it’ll be home to predictably pricey condos (including, allegedly, a $95 million penthouse), as well as a Nordstrom flagship store at its base.

217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019