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Legendary designer Milton Glaser brings messages of unity to NYC subway

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His latest creations can now be found in hundreds of subway stations across the city

All images courtesy of the School of Visual Arts

Design legend Milton Glaser has created three new posters that will be featured in hundreds of subway stations across the city. The posters were created for the School of Visual Arts’s now 50-year-old ad campaign, Underground Images, that has showcased the work of artists like Paula Scher, and Edel Rodriguez in stations across the city, over the past five decades.

With these latest creations, Glaser has now created 27 posters for the subway, as part of SVA’s campaign. For Glaser, this particular series presents a “counterpoint to Trumpism,” which he describes as a “me for me” mentality.

In his poster, Give Help, Glaser has depicted a submerged house with an Oscar Wilde quote at the bottom. He described it as a reflection on “Trump's real contempt for Puerto Rico, or for people of color, and for anybody in trouble who isn't white and rich,” and as a call to “help our fellow Americans.”

In To Dream is Human Glaser addresses Donald Trump’s stance on immigration.

“My attempt here is to transform the word dream, which is used pejoratively by Trump, into an aspirational word,” said Glaser in a statement. “To dream is human; the most, perhaps, important aspect of humankind is the ability to dream."

Finally, in It's Not About Me, It's About We, Glaser is looking to attack “this narcissistic, selfish atmosphere that Trump has managed to create,” and put forth art as an antidote to this culture. Have you seen any of Glaser’s latest work on your commute? Snap us a photo and leave it in our comments!