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Jamaica’s AirTrain-hugging tower gets huge boost from the city

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BRP Companies officially filed plans to construct the Crossing at Jamaica Station

Jamaica, Queens may finally be getting its much-needed development boom. On Tuesday, BRP Companies filed plans to build the much-discussed set of towers that would take shape near the intersection of Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard, after receiving a nearly $324 million boost from the New York City Housing Development Corporation, reports The Real Deal.

Formally known as the Crossing at Jamaica Station, the project will entail two FXFOWLE-designed buildings—one will be a 26-story tower with 539 mixed-income apartments and the second will rise 14 stories and offer 130 apartments for low-income individuals and families. Both buildings will be mixed-use, incorporating retail and community space into their designs.

It was also recently announced that an NYPD parking garage on 168th Street between Jamaica and Archer Avenues would be converted into a mixed-use development with 350 fully affordable apartments. Another parking lot at 89-50 164th Street, owned by the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, is also getting ready to become a residential building with 177 affordable homes.

Between the various projects, the neighborhood will gain almost 1,200 new residences, by far the biggest enhancement the area has seen in decades.