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180-year-old Lower East Side tenements are being demolished

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Two 180-year-old tenement buildings bite the dust

Work is officially underway at 201-103 East Broadway, reports Bowery Boogie. In their most recent incarnation, the 180-year-old twin tenement buildings served as the headquarters for United Hebrew Community.

But in 2015, the Jewish burial society sold the pair of four-story structures to owner-developer Daniel Wise, who filed plans to replace them with the Lower East Side’s first modular housing units. The new seven-story building will feature 10 pre-fab condos, with retail and medical space in the ground and basement levels.

Developed in conjunction with Martin Kapell’s Think Architecture and Design, the average residential unit will be 1,487 square feet, with two units on the floors two through five, and one unit each on levels six and seven. The medical and retail spaces will span 1,968 square feet and 3,600 square feet, respectively.

A Bowery Boogie tipster sent along a some shots showing what is either the work in progress, or “an aerial view of the carnage.”