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15 Central Park West condo with unobstructed views wants $33M

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The layout allows for 50 feet of unobstructed park views

Photos courtesy Compass

It’s been a busy few months at 15 Central Park West (relatively speaking, anyway). Robert A.M. Stern/the Zeckendorfs’ really, really ridiculously high-end building saw its most ridiculously overpriced condo—a 35th-floor duplex once asking $95 million—price chopped yet again, to $43.5 million (i.e. nearly half of its 2012 asking price); a new, stupidly expensive ($59 million) four-bedroom apartment hit the market; and a few less pricey, not-quite-so-boring condos were listed.

Alas, the latest apartment for sale at the Limestone Jesus doesn’t quite fall into either of those latter categories. At $33 million, it’s not as pricey as some of the building’s other apartments (see: $88 million penthouse), but it’s not exactly asking chump change. And as for the interiors … well, they’re standard 15 Central Park West: tasteful, understated, and pretty boring.

An LLC bought the five-bedroom condo for $11 million in 2007, and has been using the property as a pricey rental since then; when it was last on the rental market, it was asking $58,000/month.

The 3,478-square-foot space has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, and it comes with 50 feet of unobstructed views of Central Park and the city’s skyline. $33 million doesn’t buy you any personal outdoor space, but with views like this, perhaps one can learn to look past that.

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023