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Harlem church will give way to a 27-unit apartment building

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Yet another one of New York City’s churches is slated for a conversion into apartments

Google Maps via YIMBY

The practice of converting religious buildings into apartments is nothing new. In fact, there was a period when churches were being converted into condos and co-ops so frequently that we created a map to help us keep track. Many more institutions have fell to residential developments in more recent times and now, yet another one will walk the path.

The Second Canaan Baptist Church at 10 Lenox Avenue in Harlem will be demolished and replaced with a 27-unit residential building designed by Isaac & Stern Architects, reports YIMBY. The current structure will lose its detailed facade and stained glass windows for sleek limestone and a rather staid appearance, overall.

The building is being developed by Level One Holdings and New Canaan and will rise just eight stories with apartments on floors three through eight. The apartments will likely be quite spacious and average about 1,057 square feet a piece.

The church will not be entirely lost. There will be an 11,000-square-foot space, spread across the first two floors, dedicated to the church. The cellar will consist of a kitchen and the second floor will offer office space.

Rendering of 10 Lenox Avenue
Issac and Stern Architects via YIMBY