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Gigantic Walker Tower penthouse combo tries again for even more

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It’s $42 million ask is just over $2 million more than its previous ask from last summer

Images courtesy Compass

Combining already massive penthouses and listing the combined units at exorbitant prices is nothing out of the ordinary at the Walker Tower, and the latest condo to join that list is a massive four-bedroom apartment spanning nearly 7,000 square feet.

The condo is now on the market for $42 million, The Real Deal reports. It’s the latest attempt by the owner to walk away from this property after previously having listed it last summer for just under $40 million.

The owner, who is identified as 210 West 18th Street 2012, LLC, purchased the two penthouses back in May 2014 for $31.3 million, property records reveal. On its own, penthouse three came with four bedrooms and spanned 3,478 squared and penthouse four had two bedrooms and measured 2,576 square feet.

The condo has been on and off the market a few times over the past few years according to TRD, but this latest attempt at a sale comes after all the finishes in the apartment received an upgrade, the broker on the property informed TRD.

Below are some photos from when it was previously on the market:

This combined penthouse is by no means the most expensive listing at the Art Deco gem that was converted by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group a few years ago. Penthouse 1 here was on the market for $70 million at one point, but most recently it was asking $55 million. It’s been off the market for several months now. Another combo unit here was trying to sell for $60 million in the summer of 2015, and last summer Penthouse 2 sold for $45 million. So there’s some hope for this latest offering.

In case you’re curious, here are some images from Penthouse 4 (part of the combo now on sale), before it was combined.

Walker Tower

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