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Kirsten Dunst’s funky Soho loft is now asking $500K less

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The actress was last renting the pad for $12,500/month

UPDATE (3/29/17): In just a little over a month after she listed it, Kirsten Dunst has reduced the ask on her Soho loft to $4.5 million, Mansion Global reports (h/t New York Post). That’s $500,000 down from its original ask. Will this get more buyers interested?

Way back in 2007, Fargo actress Kirsten Dunst plunked down just over $3 million for a lovely little loft at the nexus of Soho and Tribeca. (Or at the butt end of the Holland Tunnel, depending on your perspective.) Now, ten years later, that area has gotten a bit nicer, with a new moniker (Hudson Square) and new pricey apartments—and now, Dunst is selling her place for $5 million.

Even though Dunst has owned the place for a decade, there’s a good chance she hasn’t lived in it for a while, since it was on the market as a rental for $12,500/month a few years ago. The space itself is quite nice, with two bedrooms (though it’s a case of a “gallery” being upsold as a bedroom), one (renovated, beautiful) bathroom, and lots of the finishes and features that people love in NYC lofts. (Exposed brick, an open floorplan, huge windows, and the like.) The kitchen is also, it must be said, basically catalog-perfect.

Dunst isn’t the only celeb to call this particular building home: R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe once lived here, in an apartment formerly owned by Manchester By the Sea actor Casey Affleck—who bought it from director Gus Van Sant. Phew.

533 Canal Street

533 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013