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Peek inside 432 Park Avenue’s $40M, 92nd-floor penthouse

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The shoppable apartment is open to visitors—by appointment only, of course

Last fall, developer Macklowe unveiled a stunning 86th-floor model unit at 432 Park Avenue, giving the plebes that will never be able to afford its multi-million-dollar condos a peek at that ridiculous luxury lifestyle.

But because one model apartment wasn’t enough at Rafael Viñoly’s skinny supertall, the developer has revealed another stunning space—this time in a 92nd-floor penthouse that’s asking a cool $40 million. The three-bedroom, 3,977-square-foot apartment is a half-floor unit that’s situated 1,224 feet above the city—meaning it has killer views of the Manhattan skyline to the south.

It’s also something of a turnkey apartment: Macklowe teamed up with interior designer Kelly Behun, who customized every single inch of the space, from the furniture (including vintage pieces by Valdimir Kagan) to the wall coverings to the art that’s displayed. Visitors to the model unit—by appointment only, naturally—have the option to purchase pretty much everything they see in the space.

Behun also partnered with Artsy, an online art-collecting resource, to create what they’re calling a “living gallery,” with pieces by both well-known and up-and-coming artists situated throughout the space. Works by artists Jack Pierson, Dean Levin, and Helen Frankenthaler dot the apartment—other pieces designed for the space take inspiration from well-known artists and art movements, like the 20-foot headboard inspired by the work of Frank Stella and designed by Kelly Behun.

The overall look, though still muted (because who wants to take away from the apartment’s views?), is one that feels fresher and a bit more modern than what we’ve typically seen at 432 Park Avenue—and if you have $40 million to drop on an apartment, it could all be yours.

432 Park Ave

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432 Park Avenue

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