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South Bronx affordable housing development will replace parking garages

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The planned development could see the creation 474 fully affordable units

Courtesy DCP via YIMBY

In another major boost to affordable housing in New York City, developer Ader Group has planned two 14-story buildings in the South Bronx that will bring 474 fully-affordable apartments to the neighborhood, YIMBY has learned.

The project will overlook the Sheridan Expressway and be located on Whitlock Avenue, on a site that’s occupied by car garages. The site is currently zoned for commercial and industrial development, so Ader will have to go through the months-long ULURP process to get this project approved—but seeing as this is a fully-affordable development, it should be a less of an uphill climb.

Plans so far call for 243 apartments in the first building, and 231 in the second. For now, the developer is only planning to move forward with the first. Construction could get underway as soon as June of this year, the developer predicts, with the project scheduled to wrap sometime in 2019. Work on the second building will likely commence after the first building is fully leased.

In addition to the apartments, there will also be 9,250 of community facilities, just under 15,000 square feet of retail, and a parking garage that can fit 69 cars.

Here’s the breakdown of the apartments from what we know:

  • 95 apartments will be set aside for homeless families
  • 47 apartments each will go to people making 37 percent of the Area Median Income, 47 percent of AMI, and 80 percent of AMI
  • The remaining 238 apartments will go to people making 57 percent of the AMI.

This news follows close on the heels of the announcement that affordable housing developer Phipps Houses is planning a massive affordable complex in East New York, which will eventually bring 1,200 apartments to the area.