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Big reveal: $775,000 for a cozy Park Slope co-op with a bay window

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Did you guess correctly?

Garfield Realty

Many of the guesses came close to the actual asking price of this week's Pricespotter, a cozy Park Slope railroad style apartment but only one hit the bull’s eye and it came from modmother with a guess of $775,000. In general, most of you weren’t feeling the layout for this two-bedroom, especially since its current floorplan requires walking through one bedroom to get to another. "[I]f that 'second bedroom' was used as a closet and/or office, its a little better. but in general, I’ll pass," stated modmother right after nailing the correct asking price. Commenter stache was even less thrilled, calling it an " awful, unworkable floorplan."

We'll admit, the current layout is pretty wonky but the option to reconfigure it to the alternate layout makes it just a little better and let's not forget that the apartment is in a great location within a beautiful barrel-front townhouse. Now that you know the asking price, would you give this apartment a chance or is it a lost cause?

Here's one more look at the floorplans: