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NYC solicits suggestions for public transportation improvements

Here’s your chance to shape the future of New York City’s public transportation

Flickr/Henrik Johansson

City officials and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) along with other agencies have been doing what we can only assume is their best to keep up with the city’s increasing transportation demands. But we there are times when we all could use some extra help and the Department of Transportation (DOT) is now in need of yours.

The DOT is in the process of developing a Citywide Transit Plan to assess the transportation needs for New Yorkers now and going into the future. Rather than hash out the details alone, the agency is soliciting public opinions through a series of public input sessions and an online survey.

“As NYC grows, we urgently need thoughtful planning to improve our public transportation,” declared Councilmember Brad Lander in an email.

The Citywide Transit Plan is the result of a 2013 Council Bill that aimed to introduce rapid bus transit to the boroughs, thereby leading to the creation of MTA’s Select Bus Service lines. Nevertheless, many neighborhoods are still lacking in their transit options and “subway deserts” are still very much a real thing. The DOT hopes to change all of that. In their very own words:

“With input from the community, the plan will identify citywide needs, values and a shared vision, and then define priorities for enhancing transit service for our neighborhoods and connecting all residents to safe, convenient and reliable public transportation.”

So there you have it. If you have some ideas on how to improve the city’s public transportation system, now is your chance to have them heard. Take the online survey here or if you’re interested in attending a workshop, the first one is scheduled for February 7 at 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn College Student Center.