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Lavish Chelsea townhouse with double height solarium, saltwater pool returns for $14M

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The five-story townhouse offers up 4,800 square feet of space

All photos courtesy of Compass

A Chelsea townhouse that we’ve previously labeled one of Chelsea’s strangest homes, and the Wet and Wild ‘Pool House’ is now back on the market for the umpteenth time, and it’s asking $13.8 million for its quirky spread.

So what makes this six-bedroom townhouse so over the top? Take for instance the the saltwater swimming pool in the middle of the living room, into which an 18-foot high waterfall drains, or think of the double height solarium that leads to a manicured garden, and if all of that is not quite dramatic enough there’s also a floating staircase added to the mix, that connects the first three floors, in this five-story townhouse.

The master bedroom is located on the third floor and comes with two fireplaces and another solarium overlooking the garden below. This little nook is also home to a free-standing bathtub overlooking the garden, because let’s face it, why would you stop with the adventurousness on the upper floors.

Currently this townhouse is configured as three separate units. A triplex on the first three floors, and two two-bedroom units on the floors above that. The topmost two-bedroom comes with its own sauna and outdoor shower, located on a 1,200-square-foot roof deck. All of this can be combined, of course, for the above-mentioned amount.

Over the years, this home has come on and off and the market several times, and it has probably changed sales agents just as many times. It first came on the market back in 2008 and was asking $11.5 million at the time, but its price has fluctuated a lot over the years, going as low as $10.875 million in 2014. The triplex unit was on the market back in October asking $45,000/month, but that amount has since dropped down to $35,000. The current sales ask on the townhouse however is the priciest yet.