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NYC’s Cross Bronx Expressway is the most congested street in the United States

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Three other NYC streets also made it to the top 10 most congested streets in the U.S.

By Timothy Vogel/Flickr

New York City is home to the most congested road in the United States, a new study by a global traffic analytics firm has revealed. The New York Post first reported on the study published by Inrix, which identified the Cross Bronx Expressway—specifically from Exit 6A to Exit 2, as the most congested corridor in U.S. On average, drivers waste 86 hours on this particular stretch every year, according the study.

Three other New York City roads made it to the top 10 most congested streets. Following the Cross Bronx Expressway (but in third place) was a section covering the George Washington Bridge—specifically from Exit 70A in New Jersey to Exit 7A, across the bridge.

A stretch of Fifth Avenue between 120th Street and 40th Street also came in on the top 10 as did the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel on NJ-495, from the I-95 junction to 12th Avenue.

When it came to congestion overall however, Los Angeles handily beat NYC with drivers spending about 106 hours on average in congestion over the course of 2016. The number of wasted hours stood at 89 in New York. In monetary terms however, those fewer wasted hours presented a much greater financial loss, according to Inrix, in terms of fuel and time away from work. They estimated that NYC lost $16.9 billion because of congestion last year.

NYC doesn’t fare much better internationally either. Of the 1,024 cities Inrix surveyed for this study, NYC came in as the third most congested city in the world.