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Gramercy Park's dog poop wars return with more passive-aggressive notes

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“Your dog makes the biggest poops. We know because we’ve stepped in it.”

For as much as New York changes, some things stay the same—the absurdly nice Bryant Park bathrooms, the likeliness of running into Showtime! on the evening commute, a neighbor’s willingness to poop-shame their pet-owning acquaintances. Like a scene out of 2012, a tipster writes to say that a whole stock of passive-aggressive anti dog-poo flyers have appeared around the south and west borders of Ye Olde Gramercy Park, the most exclusive and decidedly anti-poop green space in the entire city.

Very much mirroring the white paper flyers condemning animal excrement that appeared around the park in 2012, the new batch of flyers shame a certain animal owner (or owners?) for not picking up. But unlike in 2012, at least one flyer takes a particularly creepy-movie bent, reading in part, “You can run but you can’t hide.” If this is indeed the same note-maker and culprit from 2012, and this issue is still ongoing, apparently they can.