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ODA New York's 'European Village' Rheingold rental is halfway to the top

The two-block long development will bring between 800-900 apartments to Bushwick

Courtesy of Field Condition

ODA New York’s massive rental building located on the former Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick is now halfway to the top, new construction site photos by Field Condition have revealed.

The project, which has an official address of 123 Melrose Street, is comprised of an 800-900-unit rental complex spread out over two city blocks. A 17,850-square-foot public park will bisect the residential development. In all, the residential portion spans one million square feet, and 20 percent of the units here will be offered up as affordable housing.

Back in November, foundation work was just getting underway at the site, and now the superstructure is six-stories above ground, according to Field Condition. Developed by All Year Management, the project is looking to create a “European Village,” like setting in Bushwick with the overall complex coming with coffee shops, art galleries, and an urban farm.

The developers purchased the sites that make up this complex—123 Melrose Street and 28 Stanwix Street—for $68.5 million and $72.2 million in the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016 respectively.

Aside from this development, ODA New York is also working on another rental at a former Rheingold site—the jagged donut-shaped 10 Montieth Street.