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Queensboro Bridge's tennis club gets a one-year reprieve

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Despite a community backlash, the Parks Department has renewed the club’s lease

NYC Parks

Upper East Siders will have to wait a little longer to see the tennis courts under the Queensboro Bridge converted back to a park, DNAinfo reports. The city’s Parks Department has decided to renew its lease with the Sutton East Tennis Club until it can acquire enough funds and agree on a design for a different use of the space.

Last summer, local residents complained that they wanted the 1-acre space to be converted back to a public park. However, in subsequent months, members of the tennis club, where fees range from $85 to $225 per hour, have fought back. At a community board meeting earlier this month, a large group of players came out to speak in support of the facility, according to DNAInfo.

At present, the Parks Department has signed a one-year renewal on the club’s lease, which was originally set to expire in August this year. Last year some of the plans put forth for the space included using part of the overall space for tennis courts and the rest for a public park.

The Parks Department is considering different options at the moment including converting the entire space into a turf field, reducing the time the tennis courts can operate out of the space, or doing a mixed-use setup like the one mentioned above. The tennis club has been leasing this space since 1997.