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Big reveal: $1.149M for a Chelsea co-op with a tiny second bedroom

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Corcoran

Yesterday we presented a two-bedroom co-op in West Chelsea with a simple design and wanted to hear your thoughts on what the asking price could be. The conversation took off from there and among the 25 comments, it was piccolittle who came the closest to guessing the $1.149 million asking price. “Gotta be $1.15. A second bedroom in Chelsea is worth a little markup,” was the logic behind the guess and with it being so close, we’re going to declare it as a win.

Most of the other guesses weren’t too far off, though there was one guess of $85 million that was truly outrageous but provided a good laugh. It seemed that there was a general consensus of approval for the apartment and it’s layout, though nearly everyone agreed that the “second bedroom” could be put to better use, since it’s not a true bedroom.

So, is this home worth what it’s asking? Here’s one more look at the floorplan: