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South Bronx’s latest supportive housing complex is now underway

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Mental health nonprofit Community Access broke ground on a new 126-unit complex in Mount Eden

One of Mayor de Blasio’s initiatives has been to boost the city’s stock of supportive housing—that is, affordable apartments that also offer necessary services like mental-health care or substance abuse programs to populations in need. In 2015, the mayor announced his goal: 15,000 new supportive units in the next 15 years.

One of those projects: a new, 126-unit complex from mental health nonprofit Community Access, which broke ground yesterday in the Mount Eden neighborhood of the Bronx. The $52.2 million complex at 111 East 172nd Street will be a mix of affordable and supportive apartments. Sixty of the units will be specifically set aside for “Medicaid high-need individuals with mental health concerns,” while the rest will be designated for low-income families.

According to the release, the eco-friendly complex will have solar panels, a co-generation plant, and is expected to get LEED silver certification. It’s also designed with the well-being of its future residents in mind, with a community kitchen, outdoor exercise equipment, and an urban garden among its “health amenities.”