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What if ‘La La Land’ was set in NYC?

Two parodies imagine the film’s budding romance in less-idyllic NYC

Courtesy of Lionsgate

The 89th Academy Awards ceremony will take place this Sunday, February 26th, and if the projections for what will claim the title of this year’s Best Film are correct, La La Land will reign supreme. They say Hollywood loves a movie about Hollywood, but the oppressively chipper musical full of dance scenes and bright colors got a few people with no love for Los Angeles wondering what the film would be like set somewhere less idyllic—specifically New York City.

Parodies abound surrounding La La Land, but the ones set in New York are, in our opinion, the funniest. One involves a romance between a girl trying to make an Instagram-like app for pizza and a finance bro who wonders why anyone would think “embezzling” is a dirty word, and the second, two budding lovebirds on the Metropolitan Avenue platform who keep getting interrupted by encroaching trains.

These La La Land in NYC parodies don’t quite measure up to director Damien Chazelle’s work, but do make the idea of the musical winning against (arguably) more relevant films slightly more palatable.