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Vacant South Bronx lot will be transformed into a 43-unit apartment building

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Development in the South Bronx continues to boom

Vacant plot at 1181 Sherman Avenue
Google Maps

With all of the redevelopment action happening in the South Bronx as of lately, it sort of makes sense why the New York Times dubbed the neighborhood a hotspot destination that tourists should visit in 2017 (a tad bit dramatic but hey). Everything from fully affordable developments to supportive housing to condos for local artists is in the works in the South Bronx, and now there’s news of yet another residential project is getting ready to take shape.

According to The Real Deal, private developer Paul Gjonaj has filed plans to construct a six-story residential building, designed by Badaly Architects, on a vacant lot at 1181 Sherman Avenue. The project will entail 43 apartments spanning across 30,749 square feet of space and will feature a recreation room on the first level. There will be eight apartments on floors two through five.

It may be too early for renderings and there’s no word yet on whether the apartments will be rentals or condos but as information comes down the pipeline, we’ll be sure to update.