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Quaint townhouse on Manhattan’s secluded Sylvan Terrace seeks $1.625M

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The adorable home, located on one of the city’s secluded, historic blocks, got a price chop

It wasn’t so long ago that this picture-perfect townhouse, located on one of Manhattan’s quaintest hidden streets (that would be Sylvan Terrace, up in Washington Heights), appeared on the market with a $1.7 million price tag. But in the six months or so since then, the late-19th-century house has gotten a couple of price chops—now, it’s going for $1.625 million.

As with all of the Sylvan Terrace townhouses, this one is not exactly huge, measuring just 1,400 square feet. But its current owners, who picked up the property a decade ago for just under $1 million, have given the house a top to bottom renovation, adding modern conveniences (central air, a new kitchen, radiant heated flooring) while retaining its old-school charm. It has two bedrooms, a “great room,” a formal-ish parlor, and a small patio.

And if that price seems a little high, know that there’s precedent for homes on this block selling for this much: Last summer, a neighboring townhouse (No. 19) entered contract at close to $1.7 million.