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The Pierre’s $500,000/month rental is back and as over-the-top as ever

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The 39th-floor residence boasts six bedrooms and stunning Central Park views

Photos via Corcoran

Many of Manhattan’s priciest rentals are actually located within hotels, and none of these hotel-residence hybrids are more expensive than the penthouse atop the Pierre. In fact, no rental in New York City, period, is more expensive than the Pierre’s penthouse—as of this fall, it’s back on the market with the same eye-popping $500,000 price tag as before.

The outrageous listing first appeared in 2014, and it only took a couple of months before a (presumably) very wealthy person snapped it up. The pool of people willing to shell out the cost of an actual house—well, outside of New York, anyway—for a month-to-month rental is (presumably) pretty small, but the renter remained anonymous, and after a few months the mega-suite was back on the market. (Because even the richest person might balk at paying $6 million every year for a rental.)

And though it hasn’t had much luck finding another renter in the years since, it’s stayed with the same broker, Corcoran’s Andres Perea-Garzon. It recently re-appeared on StreetEasy, with the same exact price tag and amenities as before.

Still, for a $500,000/month rental, you’d expect something slightly more opulent; instead, the Pierre’s 4,786-square-foot residence (which takes up the hotel’s entire 39th floor), looks like … well, a hotel room. A very nice hotel room, to be fair, but there’s nothing truly ornate or extravagant about the rooms themselves. (It’s also tailored to a particular taste, i.e., very old-world Upper East Side.)

The perks, on the other hand, are numerous and possibly unnecessary, but go a long way toward explaining the $500K price tag. Among them: views of Central Park from every corner of the apartment; a butler’s kitchen; twice-daily maid service; personalized concierge service; complimentary use of the hotel’s Jaguar (seriously); and the list goes on and on. (A more thorough breakdown can be found here, from when Curbed toured the space in 2015.)

The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065