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Cute East Village one-bedroom is a steal at $2,150/month

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It’s a neighborhood where the average rent is nearly $3,000

Usually when an East Village rental asking less than $2,500/month comes along, it has some kind of defect—no windows, a shower in the kitchen, the bathroom in the hallway, you get the idea. Which makes this nice little one-bedroom on East 11th Street, asking $2,150/month, all the more attractive.

Yes, the bedroom looks small (there’s no floorplan to compare it to, alas), but it’s actually a bedroom—with a window and everything!—and the bathroom is seemingly normal-sized. The kitchen was recently renovated, with plenty of shelving, and the living room isn’t too shabby either.

Perhaps our expectations are too low; it’s not like this is a pristine apartment or anything. But considering the average price for a one-bedroom in the neighborhood is nearly $2,900/month, it’s actually a pretty good deal.