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East village condo building reveals new renderings

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Architects have ditched their 2014 design and will go with a glassy facade

Rendering of 75 First Avenue
HTO Architect via YIMBY

It’s been ten years since news first broke about a new building set to rise at 75 First Avenue in the East Village but alas, here we are in 2017 and the building has yet to become a reality. The project has been quiet since 2014, when YIMBY spotted a set of new renderings, revealing that the long-stalled project would aim for eight stories, instead of 14 as it originally planned. In full circle, yet another new rendering has been unveiled and developers are already projecting a sellout.

HTO Architects are ditching their 2014 design and embracing a facade that will consists of huge glass windows from the base to its apex. (h/t YIMBY). According to permits, the mixed-use building will no longer offer 27 units—instead it will be comprised of 22 condos ranging from one- to three-bedrooms averaging a little over 1,100 square feet. The ground floor will give way to 1,241 square feet of retail space.

According to The Real Deal, developers Colonnade Group are anticipating a sellout of $42 million. Prices for a one-bedroom will average about $1 million and a three-bedroom will go for around $3 million.

Though the building has had several projected completion dates over the course of its history, this time around its aiming for a completion by the end of 2017.

75 First Avenue

75 First Avenue, New York, NY