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Moxy Hotels's East Village outpost near Webster Hall may look like this

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The 13-story hotel is due to replace 19th-century tenements on 11th Street

Despite preservationists’ best efforts, five tenement buildings on East 11th Street between Third and Fourth avenues are coming down. The structures, which were erected in the 19th century, will give way to a new, millennial-focused hotel from Marriott’s sister brand, Moxy, developed by the Lightstone Group.

Those against the development—such as state senator Brad Hoylman, who represents New York’s 27th district, which includes that particular block—have argued that demolishing the buildings will permanently alter the character of the neighborhood. Even though they tried to save the buildings, even getting the Landmarks Preservation Commission involved, those efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

Still, there hasn’t been a rendering of the proposed hotel to give some idea of what, exactly, will be rising in the tenements’ place. But as EV Grieve notes, a very preliminary rendering of the hotel is out there, via Flintlock Construction (h/t CityRealty). It’s not the most exciting building, and it’s not likely to assuage fears that the block’s character will be changed.

Via Flintlock Construction

Of course, designs change, and considering that the DOB still hasn’t approved Lightstone’s permits for the building, this may look very different in the future. The hotel is due to rise 13 stories over East 11th Street, with 120 rooms total, along with a ground-level restaurant, a lounge, a fitness center, and more.

Demolition permits were approved in December, and work is moving forward on site. Assuming everything goes according to plan, the hotel could be in place by 2018.

A look at the Moxy Hotel coming to 11th Street [EVG]