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Stunning Park Slope townhouse designed by Roman & Williams wants $6M

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The Brooklyn home has a prestigious pedigree

Each week, we use the Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup as a way to spotlight the many, many (many!) lovely homes that hit the market in Kings County. But sometimes, a house is so special that it deserves a closer look—and the home at 178 Garfield Place in Park Slope is one of those townhouses.

It’s gotten plenty of ink before: The house was once owned by J. Crew’s stylish creative director Jenna Lyons. In 2012, she sold it to Tracy Hurley Martin (the former executive director of the much-missed Morbid Anatomy Museum) and her husband, musician Vince Clarke (known for his work in Depeche Mode and Erasure); they paid $4 million for the home.

The couple enlisted the design dream team of Roman & Williams to completely redo the space, and in a New York Times profile, co-founder Robin Standefer explained the design choices for the home as follows:

“When we first saw the house, we were like, ‘Wait a minute, isn’t this the J. Crew chick’s place?’ It was too spare and too contemporary for Tracy, but she had no idea how to get it to the sort of maximalist, feminine place she wanted. We tend to lean masculine. We rarely get asked for more-feminine elements. Embroidered wallpapers meets the toughness of buffalo hide. Awesome, we thought. Let’s not taxidermy this out.”

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Martin and Clarke decided to sell the home: it was first listed last spring for $6.5 million, and after disappearing from the market for a few months, has now returned with a slightly lower asking price of $6 million.

Aside from the home’s lovely interiors (a mix preserved pre-war details (like fireplace mantels and parlor doors) and modern touches), the home has six bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, access to a private garden, a chef’s kitchen, and a fully-furnished basement, which—until recently, anyway—was Clarke’s music studio.