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Small Hudson Square park will finally get upgrades

Duarte Park has been awaiting its revamp since 2013

Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects via DNAinfo

Duarte Square, a small public park bounded by Sixth Avenue, Sullivan, Grand, and Canal Streets, has virtually gone forgotten; but at last, the small plaza may finally see some enhancements, even if they are just temporary.

According to DNAinfo, the minuscule park will get interim upgrades by design team Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects that will help it look slightly more lifelike. This translates to a few planters, sidewalk gardens, new benches, and a couple of new trees until the project receives a full-on $500,000 overhaul, which is slated for completion by 2021.

Nielsen, who has also worked on projects that include the Lowline Lab and the embattled Pier 55, will also paint a portion of the paved roadway a different color to encourage sports and other gaming activities.

How Duarte Square currently looks
Google Maps

"There'll be a place of respite, which I think is what we all need in the city, and we'll be doing something fun and more lively in the roadbed and leaving the southern area open for [event] planning," Signe Nielsen, one of the firm’s principals, told DNAInfo.

The small plaza was named after Juan Pablo Duarte, a 19th-century liberator of the Dominican Republic. A statue within the plaza honors his legacy as a visionary and promoter of democratic ideals that were key in helping the Dominican Republic obtain their independence from Haiti.

Temporary renovations are expecting to be completed by the spring.