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Two Greenwich Village townhouses could sell for as much as $30M

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The properties have a rather storied past

A pair of interconnected 19th-century Greenwich Village townhouses are about to hit the market, and according to the New York Post’s sources, the duo could fetch a pretty hefty price—as in upwards of $30 million.

While the buildings at 11-13 East 12th Street aren’t all that much to look at, the properties have a rather storied past. The digs at 13 East 12th once belonged to Chester A. Arthur, 21st president of the United States. Later, the site became the home of Italian restaurant Asti, where musical waiters once sang arias for patrons, and best-known for its cameo in the 1988 Tom Hanks classic Big. Asti sang its swan song in 1999; the place is now home to the upscale steak joint Strip House.

In addition to the restaurant, the adjoining townhouses currently hold six rental apartments, which, based on their previous listings, all look totally fine. A one-bedroom duplex loft with lots of space and minimal light rented for $3,995 in 2016; a few years before that, a one-bedroom floor-thru with a huge private deck went for $4,200. No word on what will happen to those tenants if, as predicted, the sale goes through.