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Stuy Town’s affordable housing lottery returns with apartments from $2,800

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Possibly stretching the definition of affordable there

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It’s that time again: Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, one of the largest residential complexes in the city, has opened up an affordable housing lottery. But unlike some of the more recent housing lotteries that have launched recently, this one is aimed at middle- to upper-middle-class New Yorkers.

The lottery opening today is for one-bedroom apartments renting for $2,805/month, and two-bedrooms going for $3,366/month. The income breakdown for each is as follows: If you make between $84,150 and $119,625, you might qualify for a one-bedroom; for two-bedrooms, the income bracket is $100,980 to $149,490. These are, of course, dependent on household size. Applicants will be added to a waiting list before hearing whether or not they’ve won an apartment.

Given the rent prices and the income restrictions, these may not exactly seem like “affordable” apartments—this is a city where close to a quarter of the population lives in poverty, according to the U.S. Census Bureau—but they are less expensive than the complex’s market-rate apartments. Stuy Town also holds several affordable housing lotteries, with one offering much cheaper apartments (starting at $1,200/month) launching last spring.

Those who qualify and (with any luck) snag one of these units will also have access to the complex’s laundry room, gym, myriad outdoor spaces, and lounges, among other perks. Applications for the latest crop of apartments are due by March 10.