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Adorable Upper East Side townhouse in a tiny historic district wants $4.35M

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The Queen Anne-style townhouse is part of a pair on the lovely cul-de-sac

Photos via Leslie J. Garfield

Tiny Henderson Place on the Upper East Side is one of those ridiculously charming, only-in-New-York sort of places where homes rarely, if ever, hit the market. The block, a cul-de-sac located between East 86th and East 87th streets close to East End Avenue, was designated a historic district in 1966—and with just 24 homes, it’s among the smallest in Manhattan.

The homes that remain (on Henderson Place itself, anyway—the protected area also includes bits of 86th and 87th Street) are late-19th-century charmers, with red-brick facades and exterior details that look like something off of a postcard. And now, one of those—a four-bedroom townhouse at 14 Henderson Place—is up for grabs, with a not-so-small asking price of $4.35 million.

According to the LPC designation for the district, No. 14 was built as a pair with its next-door neighbor, No. 16. Both homes, done in the Queen Anne style, have heavy wooden doors, ornamental cornices, and dormer windows. Inside, this particular home has cozy touches—fireplaces in several rooms, built-in bookshelves, and the like—along with design features like beamed ceilings and whitewashed exposed brick.

There’s also a small garden, the potential to create a roof deck, and—oddly enough—a private parking space.