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Another nondescript Downtown Brooklyn residential tower tops out

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Once complete, the building will offer 110 apartments and retail space on its ground floor

Castle Rock Equities

The 21-story mixed-use building that is currently under construction at 237 Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn has topped out. The Castle Rock Equities-developed apartment now stands at its full height of 210 feet and facade installation is underway, reports YIMBY.

Instead of going along with neighborhood trends that entail a sleek, glassy exterior, designers Urban Tectonics opted for a red brick facade that will stand out amongst the glassy norm. Once complete, the build will consists of 110 apartments that will average around 768 square feet each. The cellar and ground floor will give way to retail space. Though it hasn’t been confirmed whether the units will be offered as rentals or condos, YIMBY surmises that the apartments will be rentals, based on their size.

Originally, an undulating Indigo Hotel, designed by Karl Fischer, was planned for the site but somewhere along the lines, those plans were scrapped and developers decided to go the residential route, reports 6sqft.

Construction is anticipating completion in summer 2017.

Photo by Joseph Evan Gray for YIMBY